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Our Story

Daze Dayz is an international swim and resortwear brand inspired by retro style with a contemporary twist. Along the shores of Sydney, Australia, in the summer of 2012, the concept of Daze Dayz was born.

Daze Dayz contains the essence of an adventurer who loves their leisure life and being
connected to the outdoors. We find our greatest joys in the beach, lounging, and by traveling to warm countries. Daze Dayz is the result of our two passions, nature and adventure. Our goal is to share this lifestyle with you.

"The Daze Dayz lifestyle strikes the perfect balance between our day-to-day lives and our getaway lives."

Founder and Director

Surfer and fashion designer Haeyoung You has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade across the globe. Her passion for summer, travel, and fashion inspired her to think of ways to closer to them, and as a result Daze Dayz was born.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is an essential part of our brand philosophy. We believe it is important to preserve our planet and for society's well-being.

Daze Dayz recently changed all packaging to degradable materials, and we now use Hyosung's recycled fabric "regen" for all of our swimwear.

Our business model also adopts ethical labor practices. We have an amazing group of experienced tailors who are proud of the quality of apparel they create for us.

We are continuously striving to learn more about and better practice ethics and sustainability to create socially responsible apparel that you can feel good about owning.


Daze Daze Girls are those who seek to find harmony between their everyday lives and get-away lives. They find that with travel,relaxation, and adventurous activities, they can embark on a journey of self-discovery. Daze Dayz Girls are in love with the resort and lounge lifestyle and never want summer to end. "For the curious, the restless adventurers, and everyone."